Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mrs. Lunde -- Thank you & Up Yours!

My thoughts often wander to my past because of the source of some knowledge I presently hold or from memory of some pain that I still remember.

Mrs. Lunde taught me how to fold a sheet of paper precisely in half. Her method that I followed precisely was exactly what I needed to accomplish said task. I haven't thought about her in some years (thirty odd ones -- to be sure) but today as I folded some paper I was reminded of her class.

Something else I remember about her class was that she just wouldn't give up on my penmanship. She didn't think I ought to hold my pen in the manner to which I was accustomed and so she showed me a new way to hold my pen and then, either repeatedly or just once (only she could say for sure) she would sneak up behind me while I was disobediently writing my preferred way and smash my hand violently to the desk! I don't remember the pain only the fear that it would happen again.

I still don't write the way she showed me. So, thank you and up yours Mrs. Lunde.

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