Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Land of the Free?

I guess they are free in America . . ., but if somebody tries to contact a public official they'll probably go to jail.

So, this guy living in Pennsylvania left a couple of voice-mail messages with his borough Manager Lori Collins. Collins called the police because she was unhappy with his tone of voice and no doubt the implication that she wasn't doing her job so she should step down from her office.

Complaining Bridgeville Neighbor Arrested For Harassment - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh:
"BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. -- Marshall Pappert admits that he has been a pain to government officials from Bridgeville to Harrisburg.

But Pappert says that if those officials had to live where he lives, they'd be complaining, too.

While he expected to get a fight, or to be told off, or even ignored, Pappert says he never expected to get arrested."

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