Thursday, April 17, 2008

A lack of professionalism that is characteristic of the Philippines

Follow this link in the next day or so and you will see an example of the most disgusting lack of professionalism currently present on the net. It is no coincidence that the hospital and the 'professionals' involved are Filipino:

A girL's HaVen - Vicente Sotto Scandal - UNEDITED VERSION: "Vicente Sotto Scandal - UNEDITED
VERSION Apr 16, '08 4:19 AM
for everyone
This is very unlawful.. No more confidentiality.. No more ethics!

A 39- year old homosexual had an operation at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center last January 3, 2008, when a male partner stuck a spray canister into the anus of the homosexual and doctors and witnesses had a lot of fun when it was removed in the hospital.

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