Monday, April 14, 2008

Gabi's 2!


It's so incredibly amazing! I'm a father of a two-year-old! She's 2!

She's still not talking in full sentences but she is definitely full of vocabulary. Some of which I still cannot understand as she has a funny way of pronouncing some things (soft-palette?).

She's becoming much less of a problem in public as she has enough of an attention span to be cajoled into keeping up with us when shopping -- most of the time. But as far as eating goes she seems to be sliding back and forth quite a lot. Sometimes she just won't eat anything unless it's practically shoved down her throat, still other times she actively seeks out or asks for food.

I almost managed to read her to sleep last night with Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish but I think at heart that book is just too wacky to incite sleepiness. Plus we have the 'who controls the book' fight which she may never get over. I want her to enjoy this book for years to come but she insists on tearing pages out of most of the books that I let her play with indiscriminately, so this is one of the books that she only gets to handle lovingly while I supervise. I'd love to scan the pages and preserve it that way but I don't feel like accumulating a scanner in Korea and it just isn't the same thing as holding a proper book -- something I am really beginning to miss when it comes to my own nighttime reading -- on the other hand I don't have a proper lamp nor a proper nightstand so reading a book in bed is practically impossible anyhow!!

She seems to be growing up incredibly fast. Instead of playing with my wireless mouse these days like she used to she will now, upon finding it, put it up on the kitchen bench (counter) where I would always place it 'out of her reach'. And she frequently follows instructions very well about putting dishes into the sink and acting as a courier between mom and dad.

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