Friday, April 25, 2008

Fontaine is going to protest the 2010 Olympics?

Natives could protest 2010 Olympics, says Chief Fontaine: "'It's OK to express outrage with the Chinese government's position against Tibet, but [Canadians] should be just as outraged, if not more so . . . with what is being done to First Nations here.'"
Ah, . . . sorry . . .?

What is being done to the First Nations here?

I worked on the Hobbema reserve for two years. It became pretty clear to me that what was being done was a travesty, but it wasn't Joe white-guy or Joe-government that was doing the outrageous stuff, it was Joe-Chief that was fondling the little kids and Joe-Superintendent that was pulling psycho political bullshit and it was Joe-principal of the high school that couldn't add three digit numbers together. That is 'self-government' at work. The band has it's own school board. And they are digging their own grave with it . . .

Fontaine, just cause you say it's true don't make it so.

What is being done? The Canadian government is hurling hundreds of millions of dollars into sinkholes like Hobbema where there is barely a blade of grass or a tree still alive. Why? Because nobody over there has a green thumb? I bet it's the Canadian governments fault somehow. And in the end it must all be my fault too.

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