Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Diabetics leave the West -- You'll live longer with more intact limbs

Diabetics of the West: Move to the Republic of Georgia before you lose a leg!

Move here:

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Stay away from here:

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West Recruits Bacteria Assassins:
Kristen Philipkoski Email 06.30.03 | 2:00 AM

Bacteria-eating viruses could be the answer to antibiotic resistance, and the first treatment to use the therapy could be available by 2004."
Sadly, I'd say that the optimistic nature of the article was for naught as I've heard piss-all about any 'new' ways for Western hospitals to treat serious infections.

This article was published on Wired in 2003 not 2006 (the date adjacent to the author could be ambiguous but I checked Wired's date format and it's NOT 2006).

Here are some more juicy details:

The Republic of Georgia uses phage therapy regularly as a treatment for many types of infections.

"They basically don't cut off feet because of diabetic ulcers in [the Republic of] Georgia because their staph phage works so well," said Elizabeth Kutter, referring to the fact that such infections often lead to amputations in the West. Kutter is the director bacteriophage research at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

I'm just glad I ain't a diabetic, I guess. This reminds me of a colleague of mine back in 2002. She was a school teacher and a type one diabetic but she didn't even know what garlic, or potatoes for that matter, looked like, because she always got those instant mashed potatoes in a box.

Right around the time of 9/11 I remember trying to describe the appearance in detail of a clove and a head of garlic so that she could find one or the other the next time she was in the shop. I'm pretty sure she knew what potatoes looked like as I don't recall describing them to her.

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