Monday, April 21, 2008

Canada's Next Great Prime Minister

Missing Canadian TV, I took advantage of the torrent link offered on the CBC website to check out that new (?) TV show "Canada's Next Great Prime Minister".

Ba, ha! They picked Alika? The 'native American-Canuck'?

No chance in hell. Let's face it. When he talked about "my people" he was NOT referring to Canadians he was talking about other members of his oppressed ethnic group. Sure he belongs to the most visibly miserable ethnic minority in Canada but that doesn't qualify him for the job.

He was no better than the girl -- he just got the sympathy vote. Yes it is true, young man, your people are in a terrible state! You know, I did like you almost as much as the chick but you wouldn't have gotten my vote just because my ancestors did wrong by you. The other candidates weren't upto the task.

Obviously there was no French-Canadian interested in this show or he/she was passed up for the 'more important' Metis group.

Anyway, it was mostly the old farts that voted for Alika. No offense intended, old farts, but you obviously have some feelings of repressed guilt -- get over it.

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