Friday, April 18, 2008

Abigail and Gabi

I keep on forgetting to make note of the milestones for these two.

Gabi is speaking a lot more than I usually understand. Lately, she's been asking her mom "why?" a lot and the other day she was playing in the sandbox with a bunch of sand toys and I decided to take a small sieve and show her how it was used. As I picked it up she said to me:

"No. Bad!"

And then she took the toy away from me. She actually did this repeatedly with every toy that I picked up. Another time last week she started unzipping my bag saying: "see?" as in 'can I see?'. We've been showing her short YouTube videos on numbers and the alphabet from Sesame Street and if one of us isn't near to start a new video she will click on the next video that she wants to see.

Abigail is very active, she can't quite sit without support yet , I don't think, but she can roll readily from back to front and front to back and will happily support herself on her front with her arms to play with stuff and investigate. She's not really using her legs much yet, except to make strong kicking movements on occasion. She is enjoying a mix of potato and apple juice for lunch and the occasional grain of rice, I'm not sure at the moment what exactly she is eating other than this -- but she does like to gum away on corn chips and her mom says that she is biting on her nipple when she's breastfeeding though she doesn't seem to have any teeth yet. She's got a big smile for everybody just like Gabi did at her age. And similarly she is also reaching out for cords (speaker cords, electrical cords) and trying to pull them so that she can suck on them, I guess.

The other day she was reaching out for the wall socket so I picked up the childproof socket inserts and promptly lost the 'safe' plastic device provided for the purpose of removing them when you want to plug something in.

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