Monday, March 03, 2008

Update on the kids


Took Abigail for some shots the other day. Payed about $140! I guess it's possible that I'd normally have to pay so much but I think I'll have to stop going to that hospital as they always seem to charge so damn much!

Abigail is about 66 cm and 8 kg -- 5 months

Charlize (Gabi) is 85 cm and 13.5 kg -- 22.5 months (took off her coat because she was 14.3 kg and I thought that was too heavy)

Today Abigail grabbed my nose and just wouldn't let go! Can't blame her as it's pretty darn big!

I met my new co-teacher yesterday and I start teaching on Wednesday. This year we have to teach two 18 week semesters instead of the 16 weeks we did last year. So, not such a good holiday but we're getting a bit more money. I'm looking forward to working again actually but I'm not looking forward to Charlize crying every morning as I leave! She's learning words all of the time, it's so hard to keep track.

When she's angry she imitates her mom and says "go!".

Abigail is growing quickly. She's turning her head and body quite adeptly and she can roll over when she has an angle for doing so.

Gabi is playing with her sister a lot more these days and Abi seems to be enjoying it too. She can be a little bit rough but usually doesn't go over the top too much. She likes to hold her hand or lie on top of her legs and pat her stomach. Abi always has a big smile and laughs alot when her big sister plays with her like this.

The weather is getting warmer and I'm trying my best to give Gabi as much time outside as possible. Sadly there really isn't any safe place to leave her without close supervision and the playschool wants about $300 a month in fees to take care of her. Actually, I'm thinking about it. It can be so boring for her to stay indoors all of the time and her mom rightly believes that going out with the two of them could be a disaster as Gabi rarely listens when she has an idea of where she wants to go. She doesn't pay attention to traffic, location or anything . . .

I've been making crepes for breakfast once or twice a week now. Very easy recipe:

1 cup of all purpose flour
2 cups of milk
1 egg

mix and let sit in the fridge for minimum 30 minutes.

Then pour it on thinly on a frying pan and fill it with bacon and cheese or bananas and yogurt and honey or sugar and lemon juice . . .

I want to make some blueberry pancakes one day soon but I'm still shy on the blueberries and the maple syrup!

Gabi seems to enjoy the crepes but she doesn't want all that stuff inside. Her eating habits are rather strange really. She takes a long time to warm up to food. Often she'll start seriously eating at around the time that both Rosi and I are finished. The only place she's ready to eat on the spot is at E-mart and Homever where they constantly have samples of freshly cooked meat and mandus.

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