Sunday, March 30, 2008

LIPO batteries for the cellphone -- Important Bookmarks - Google Notebook

We got a new second-hand phone for Rosi. I spent more than I wanted to but I think she'll be very happy. This one has aerial TV reception! Yes, that's right, we can watch TV on her phone (Korean TV anyway) -- it has an antennae.

It has these Lithium Ion Polymer batteries which I've heard are quite different from the kinds we are used to using. For one thing, they don't have a charge memory, so you don't need to let the battery go empty before you charge it.

There are also some major dangers!
Polymer Lithium Ion battery Charging and safety guide

This is a very serious guide! There are several videos on the above website showing incredible fires resulting from the misuse of these kinds of batteries.

Important Bookmarks - Google Notebook: "LiPo Battery Handling & Storage

* Keep LiPo battery packs WELL out of reach of children.
* Do not put battery packs in pockets or bags where they can short circuit.
* Do not store or transport or store batteries where they can come into contact with sharp or metallic objects.
* Do not store your LiPo pack in extreme temperatures below 0C or above 50C.
* Always store your LiPo pack in a safe and non flammable container away from flammable objects. A LiPo Sack or metal / ceramic storage container is best.
* Always store your LiPo’s partially charged. They will maintain their performance levels over time and there’s no need to cycle them unless stored for periods longer than 3-6 months."

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