Saturday, March 29, 2008

KTX to Seoul -- Unfiled bookmarks - Google Notebook

I'm taking the family to Seoul tomorrow.

Yes, I'd rather just stay home and catch up on sleep but I guess that's what having a family is all about. Normally they stay home and sleep all week and so they don't want to engage in this on the weekends as well. I, on the other hand don't get much chance to sleep during the week and it looks like not much of a chance on weekends either.

Such will be the way of things, no doubt, until my family catches up with me. I can see little Abi running herself ragged with 5 kinds of private classes and dozens of projects, all of which I'll have to get her to drop so the family can go off on a trip to some place or other. I'm sure both Abi and Gabi will be incredibly hard to keep up with -- even for their peers.

Below is the KTX schedule from CheonanAsan Station to Yongsan (the technology market in Seoul).

I captured the schedule below in my new handy-dandy Google Notebook, by the way, which I'm finding to be incredibly useful. I'm just wondering what the link below will do for those of you with whom, I don't share my notebooks.

The plan is to buy a cellphone for Rosi as she has friends she can call now and personally I'd like to get some sort of leash for Gabi, as she's just driving me crazy whenever we go anyplace (she won't stay within eye-shot).

KTX Schedules

Unfiled bookmarks - Google Notebook: "Type of travel Train
No. From To Dep.
time Arr.
time Arrangement
infomation Fare
Direct 502 CheonanAsan Yongsan 07:41 08:17
Direct 504 CheonanAsan Yongsan 09:35 10:10
Direct 506 CheonanAsan Yongsan 12:45 13:21
Direct 410 CheonanAsan Yongsan 15:38 16:14
Direct 512 CheonanAsan Yongsan 18:15 18:48
Direct 414 CheonanAsan Yongsan 19:29 20:05
Direct 416 CheonanAsan Yongsan 21:53 22:29
Direct 518 CheonanAsan Yongsan 23:23 23:58"

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