Monday, March 10, 2008

I want to make a post but Google seems to be full of errors today! So, I'm writing this in my Writer: the Internet Typewriter account instead. It's a very good service and I find myself using it for my diaries these days as it isn't always good to make your every thought public -- so I hear.

I finally had a look at my ads on this website and modified a few things thinking: "What the hell, I might as well get something out of all the hours I spend on photos and writing stuff that I think my fellow travelers might need to hear -- not to mention the reams of stuff that most could care less about like my daughters and how they are growing and making me so proud everyday!

Today Gabi and I went outside for a particularly long afternoon walk to enjoy the sunny spring warmth. She is really in an exploratory phase and she refuses to let me slow her down. At one point I set myself down to relax and enjoy the sun thinking she'd try to keep me in eye-shot but she didn't pause for a second without taking off in whatever direction she felt like going. I had to chase after her to keep her out of the road and then I decided to shadow her to see what she'd be upto thinking her old man wasn't watching. Later when she discovered what I'd been doing she gave a good laugh at me and then continued on her explorations. I noticed that she is quite active at exploring when I'm not around but when she knows I'm there she is much more likely to check out something new.

Oh yeah, back to the ads. I initially signed up for them back in 2005 not thinking too much about them and certainly doing nothing more than checking to see if I'd made any money once every year or two. But a couple of days ago I went through and took all of the Google-offered advice and basically wasted about 2 hours on choosing and tweaking various options.

To my great surprise it looks like I've improved the performance (ergo my income) by about ten-fold!!!! If only I'd thought to do that a couple of years ago! Instead of looking at the twelve bucks I have I might be looking at -- a bunch more. Anyway, I'm nervous about writing too much about them as there are some requirements in order to remain 'eligible' you cannot do certain things like tell people to . . . on anything and probably there are other things too so I think I better just shut up about them.

I'm actually paying around 20 bucks a year for my flickr. I think it is so totally worth the money in the end but it would be sweet if I could get my blog to pay for my flickr.

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