Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A forgotten diary entry

Circa June 8th, 2007 -- The passage of time is remarkable. Stretching out and taking forever to pass since I left my wife and daughter in the Philippines some four months ago. And now with less than two weeks in my way I almost yearn for a little more time so I can take care of the preparations that need to be made. Almost. . . This last week will likely be a full one as my high school colleagues have only just realized that I won't be staying until the end of July like them. Their jealously will tempt them to push me into doing extra work for my final week, but no worries I don't mind. Small price to pay for a 2 month summer holiday.

Naturally I will also be busy so I can visit with my friends in Seoul before I depart Korea for my nearly 2 months. As time accelerates and our reunions becomes imminent the sadness of watching Charlize grow up without a father is intensifying if anything -- something I didn't expect. At least the tears are now broken with moments of joyful anticipation now that my trip's inevitability is undeniable.

When I arrive in the Philippines I will trade sadness for the absence of my daughter with sadness about the poverty and conditions of the people around me. Of course I can't help but recall that I will undoubtedly be hungry for most of my trip considering that meat begins an accelerated process of putrefaction as soon as the animal has been slain. I will also be thinking about the wedding reception to be held at Rosi's parents' place. Will the machete twins be there? I am both looking forward to this eventuality and at the same time dreading it as I would any danger to my family.

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