Sunday, March 16, 2008

FairUse Wizard Free for a limited time!!!!

For a few hours, days or weeks you can download this software and use it for free (doesn't say how long).

FairUse Wizard

I haven't used this yet but it looks pretty decent. You can rip your dvds to divx format which means that you can convert them to single files that will play on your dvd player! You can also put several movies onto one dvd. Like I said I haven't tried it out yet but it could be sweet.

This morning I started reading some news and then went out for a cup of coffee. When I got back my wireless mouse was missing but I only had to wait for a few seconds and Gabi popped out of the bedroom with my mouse. She handed it right to me and then wanted to dance to the jazz (Thelonius monk) I had set to play before I left the apartment.

She's sitting in my lap right now, waiting patiently for me to play something she can watch.

One more thing about the FairUse Wizard: It's designed to help people make 'full' use of their dvds not their downloads. So you apparently cannot use it directly on dvds that you've downloaded from a torrent but you can get around that by making an ISO using Nero.

If you are just getting into movies and etcetera you might want to check out this Lifehacker blog post to help get you suited up with the appropriate software for your needs.

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