Sunday, March 09, 2008

Costco and

We went to Costco on Sunday. I spent about 330,000 Won (about 330 bucks)!! But I got some frozen blueberries and some maple syrup along with a few other things I've been pining for over the last month or so. We arrived at Costco on Sunday afternoon just around 6pm and, surprise, surprise, we didn't get out of the parking lot until just before 10pm!!!!!! Not because we were having a lovely time so much as the fact that we needed to stop to eat and, of course, we were constantly chasing Gabi all over the place because she really doesn't understand about how should could get lost -- I don't think she really cares actually. She is developing into a very independent little girl. In the past bigger kids here in the apartment complex would accost her and say how cute she is and then try to pick her up and treat her like she's a doll but recently she isn't taking any of that! No, she just gives them a shove before they even try to pick her up -- on the part of those kids, message received loud and clear. They just take off and nobody treats her like a doll anymore.

Now, our trip to Costco has naturally given me the opportunity to make some comparison shopping with this website I've been hearing good things about and I was thinking that perhaps I'd be better off buying my Costco stuff through them as they deliver, and my car isn't in the best of shape. Not to mention the fact that it is an incredible hassle to go shopping with Gabi -- but she has so much fun running around like a wild animal it would be a shame to curtail. My god she is so hard to keep track of in a big store like that.

After some comparisons I found that just isn't a viable alternative to Costco prices. Instead of the 330 bucks that I spent at Costco I probably would have spent around 400 to 450 bucks on said website (Costco is their primary supplier so it makes sense to check out the prices they quote).

Kirkland Salted Kettle Chips
5,990 Won at Costco and 7,300 Won at EZshop (21% premium on the price at Costco).

Fresh Bagels 1 dozen
3990 Won at Costco and 6100 at EZshop (52% premium!!!).

Kirkland's Sharp Cheddar 907 g is 10,790 Won at Costco but at EZshopKorea it's going for 13,400 Won. That's a 28 percent premium!

Mi Ranchito Golden Round Tortilla corn chips 825 g are 3,990 Won at Costco and 5,100 Won at ezshopkorea (28 percent premium).

Oberto Original Beef Jerky
9,970 Won Costco and 14,400 Won at EZshop Korea (45% premium!!).

Kirkland sliced Bacon
12,990 Won at Costco for 4 packs of 454g at EZshop Korea it is 18,000 Won (38%!)

These jacked up prices wouldn't seem so bad if your order included the price of delivery and packaging (in ice for perishables), but it doesn't!!

On top of the massive markups they have, they also charge for delivery (for purchases of less than 250,000 won) and there is an additional charge for the packaging of perishable items.

With these prices you could probably take the KTX to Daejeon and do your own shopping for cheaper.

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