Monday, March 03, 2008

Bo Geon So -- City Health Center


Thanks to a good friend of mine at the High School I'm aware of the existence of the Bo Geon So (Health Center) for the purpose of getting government funded, inexpensive health care.

They have a dental center and they do inoculations for children. The shots for Abigail are free except that they don't inoculate for everything that is recommended and so you have to go to a private clinic or doctor to get the ones they don't cover.

From what I've heard the dental care includes scaling and the prices are nominal. In Cheonan the health center is adjacent to the city hall which is actually quite easy to find if you follow the street signs but sometimes (if I recall) the sign is only in Korean so you might need to swat the Korean symbols that you can see in this photo (if it isn't up yet, it will be up shortly).

If you can't read Korean I suggest that you get your butt in gear. It isn't difficult and it helps a lot!!

Last I heard you could obtain frozen blueberries and real maple syrup at Costco so I think we'll have to make a trip this weekend. I've been hankering for real pancakes for about 3 years now -- yes, I do believe it has been 3 or more years since I've eaten a real pancake and probably much more since I've enjoyed a blueberry or bacon one!

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