Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby update

Gabi -- 23 months (In 4 days)

We just took Gabi to the doctor to have her cough looked at. She managed to open her mouth and say aaahhh for the first time and the doc said her lungs are clear so he gave us three days of cough medicine. The thing about her coughing is that she's almost always vomiting at the end of a medium to strong cough.

So, when she has a cough she doesn't keep much down. Her height is about 87 cm and her weight is 13.3kg (nearly 30 pounds)
. She's almost 2-years-old! Gabi's always saying new stuff now but she hasn't erupted into sentences yet. She's saying things in all three languages (English, Korean, Tagalog) but it seems like her largest vocab is naturally enough English.

standing on all four
6 Months: Abi is 67cm and 7.8kg (about 17 pounds). Her length or height is a bit tough to measure as her legs are still pretty curled. She's eager to play with things now and happily tries to crawl for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

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