Sunday, March 16, 2008

Abigail's new walker

We finally decided it was time for Abigail to go mobile as she is rolling all over the place and being very active.

By the way, to enjoy this video you need to let it load. My suggestion is that you click the play button and do something else while it's loading. If the video stops then that means it's not fully loaded so you should just hit the pause button and go do something else for a few minutes. When the progress bar below the video is fully grey or off-white or whatever hit the play button and enjoy the full length without interruptions.

Here is the video of Abigail's first experiences in her walker:

All of the family features in the video really but Abigail is the star. She has officially come out of the lump on a log baby stage, she's fully interactive!

She's doing pretty good in this walker. Only thing is, she can only go in reverse so every now and then she runs into a wall or a cabinet or something and then she starts complaining that she's stuck but all we have to do is rotate her walker a bit and then she hits another wall or counter a few minutes later.

Spring has come here and we are getting the kids outside as much as possible to counteract the cabin fever of the winter. It's so nice to be able to wander around without so many layers and scarves and hats.

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