Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Camera, Gabi is Gabby -- you see

Finally decided that my old Canon digital camera was kaput and bought a new camera at Costco today. The new camera is good. Image quality seems similar to the Canon (when it was working properly) and the video is much better mostly because I no longer have a 3 minute limit on video size.

Yes, that's right I just made a 46 minute family video! We were having dinner and I thought I'd just put it on for a test as we've owned it for about 3 hours now so you gotta try it out . . . and I'll post it here when it finishes uploading. Those 3 minute vids were pretty cool and all, but it was very difficult to capture anything worthwhile having to start the video again and missing lots of interesting stuff because I never knew when it had stopped recording.

So today marks the first time that I've been able to capture Gabi in a gabby mood despite the fact that she frequently earns her name.

I only worked one day this week and will do only two days of work next week, but I'm off on a free tour of Southern South Korea Friday and Saturday next week. My first trip anywhere in Korea for 2 or 3 years!

Gabi's vocab seems to be expanding but as of yet this is unconfirmed because most of the words she is using aren't always in the correct context. Anyway with that proviso lets add a few new words to her list: Nice, okay, thank you, thanks, eat, ihe (wee wee), baby . . . She's about 13kg right now (soaking wet). She's still friendly with strangers saying most frequently 'bye bye'. Nowadays she seems to be approaching strangers in the interest of getting food, as it would seem that all Koreans love to give candy and other treats to the kids they meet. In Emart we were waiting for our food to arrive and Gabi just stood next to a table watching this woman and her child eat.

In the car she was saying: "Baby ihe, baby ihe?"

Meaning: Did the baby go wee wee?
Maybe it's her first sentence?

News on Abigail (nugget). We took her for some free vaccination shots (Polio and Diptheria) at the local health center. Her face rashes were diagnosed as "normal" by the doctor there -- just as I expected. She is noticing the world around her quite a bit more. Still has a killer death grip whenever I can get her hands open wide enough to get my finger in her fist and she is smiling quite frequently now. She's 6 kg now (dripping wet) but it was pretty busy at the health centre, so I forgot to measure her length.

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