Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Home for the Holidays?

Honestly, I don't really think of Canada as my home anymore, but I do foresee moving back there right about when my kids are high school aged (considering just how useless high school in Korea is!).

Anyway, it seems that Korean Immigration has decided that as off mid-December all foreign teachers in Korea will need to get a criminal record check and a medical. Naturally I wouldn't consider this a hassle, I should be able to just go to the police station near my apartment and be done with it.

However, Immigration and government in general tends to be ridiculously idiotic in Korea so my boss and University bosses everywhere are concerned that expats like myself will be required to return to our 'home' countries returning to Korea with the validated paperwork. Of course, this makes no sense at all. Canadians can have their criminal records expunged as little as 5 years after the transgression, and what about the last 4 years that I have spent almost entirely in Korea? Surely Immigration is more interested in the last 4 years than it is in the time that I spent in Canada Circa 2003!

I don't expect that I will return to Canada this winter but it seems to be a real possibility. The immigration offices in Korea have a special way of ignoring the realm of the intelligible.

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