Monday, December 03, 2007

books on the net

I was sending an email to my brother about books that are available on the net. Seemed like a good idea to make these links available to others also.

I don't absolutely adore the idea of reading on my computer but you can't beat the price! And they are easily downloaded from anywhere (as opposed to a long march to the only decent bookstore in Seoul). Add to this the advent of the kindle which sounds like a terrific electronic book reader that displays the digital books as if they were printed using the mysterious "e-ink" technology!

Mind you, I don't think kindle is the answer for me but it is a good sign that in a year or two some affordable and ergonomic alternatives to real books will be available! I'm excited!

So, just a word about Adobe Acrobat Reader and then my booklist:

In case you don't want to install the annoyingly massive Adobe reader you can go with Foxit Reader which is an excellent alternative and it's much, much smaller (less disk space and less use of your system resources):

Here are those links for online reading:

1. Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

It's online so you have to have your internet connected to read this one. Actually I was thinking about copying it into a pdf just in case the website disappears because I want to read it again but I don't want to read it just yet (I think I read it about 10 years ago).

2. Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories:

These are children's stories but I think they are a pleasant read for anybody and the illustrations are terrific.

3. Rainbows End won the Hugo Award for Best Novel (Sci-Fi)

4. Politics and the English Language an Essay by George Orwell

5. Ender's Game the original short story by Orson Scott Card
I also have the whole series that erupted from the publishing of the first book based on this story. I can send them all to you . . .

6. This is the Podiobooks link below. I've never tried it but it's possible that you could find something interesting if you want to listen to a book instead of reading it.

7. Here's a reader on contemporary North American issues. I didn't really check it out yet but it looks interesting enough:

8. Hackoff a blook with mixed reviews

9. This is an awesome archive of heaps of stuff from everywhere:

10. Bathroom humour

11. The glass snail: An online Pre-Christmas tale which I haven't finished reading yet, but I always try to get back to it.

12. Robert Service poems can be found on Gutenberg but you can also read a selection of them on my blog:

13. Poetry archives from emule:

14. The Metamorphosis by Kafka (you can read it online or download it). It's a little depressing but uplifting in it's own special way . . .

15. An adaptation of the Metamorphosis. This is a brief intro to the story if you didn't already read it once:

16. DQ books . . . Artistic image books online

17. Animal Farm by George Orwell a la google books:

18. The Ninth Day of Creation (sounds interesting) free in google books:

Loads of books that are out of copyright on Manybooks:

and Gutenberg

Oh, and also probably a few links I forgot here:

Some of these books that may not clearly be 'legally' available might need a champion or two . . . So, don't be afraid to download your favourites and if the online resource disappears, help the rest of us out and make it available!

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