Monday, November 26, 2007

How to download TV shows and Movies

Everything is going just sweet . . .

I am, however counting the days until my vacation! Let's see, . . .


Ah, hmmm. Well . . . Anyway, a few of my friends have recently mentioned that they'd like to watch some TV shows on their computers . . .

I just saw online that one can buy a DVD of Prison Break Season 1 at Costco for KRW 88,400 (about $90)!

Just as an aside I found a website for ordering items from Costco within Korea for those of you that don't have cars or other means of easy access:

It sure would be nice to have that DVD, but since I've been downloading the episodes within an hour or so of the airing time and I could download any of them again at pretty much anytime it seems to be a bit of a waste of a DVD (not to mention $90).

By the way mom I really like the X-Files DVDs you sent. They actually aren't that easy to find online so I'm glad you sent them to me for my birthday!!!!

Sure you can watch them online at the relavent network website (NBC? ABC? CBS?) but the size of the screen doesn't appear to be easily modified so you are watching a much poorer image than need be . . .

Living in Kroea, I don't even have that sort of access. The major network websites detect that my IP address is in South Korea and deny me access.

So, you could pay 90 bucks to watch it or . . .

You could download it from the internet with just a little bit of effort and in no time be watching the TV show of your dreams according to your own schedule.

The Pirate bay dot org is a pretty decent way to go . . . if you don't want to mortgage the house to watch more than a few of the latest TV programs.

First you will need to download a small software program called uTorrent (there are others also but I think this one is pretty damn good).

Then it's just a couple of clicks and you are sweet . . .

By the way if you are just looking for one or two things I could save you the time and send them to you lickity-split. All you gotta do is be on a first name basis with me and post a comment here or send me an email:

Here is the step-by-step in case you find the above instructions sorely lacking:

1. First you need to download a "Torrent" downloading software program like 'uTorrent'

download uTorrent

Once you download and then install the software you can go to my favourite website for the TV shows and movies:

This link will give you a list of the most popular TV shows available for download:


3. Just click on the link for the show that you want to see and then click "Download Torrent"

Depending on how many 'seeds' there are and how fast your connection is you should be able to watch a TV show within 10 or 20 mintues, but some shows take as long as a 4 to 5 days to download so be patient. Less popular shows and movies might take a week or 2! So be very patient for these.

Oh yeah, if you have trouble viewing the TV shows in your regular video player (Windows media player is shit) you should download the VLC player (Video Lan Player) it will play almost any kind of video file:

Good luck with watching your favourite TV shows and feel free to post a comment if you have any questions.

Oh, by the way, you might need to check out the comments on each individual episode and or movie to be certain that they are the real deal. Lots of people are posting garbage that needs to be decompressed and then requires a password to boot! My suggestion is that if anything you have downloaded needs a password (e.g. "Just go to this website "" ) Just delete it and find another download that has positive comments instead.

Finally, for speedy downloads and minimal problems with fake files just stick to the most popular Torrents at the top 100 page.

Oh yeah, I found the Planet Earth series by the BBC in HD quality! It was awesome. The picture was incredibly vivid as close as you could get to 3D with my old laptop!

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