Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't sit on your sister's head!

Wow, it's hard to believe that it has been nearly a month since I've posted on here. I've been psycho busy with Saturday and early morning (7am) adult classes on my Uni campus not to mention some extra editing work that I've been doing for a translator.

And of course, I've been suffering from lost sleep, and the weather is not so conducive to energetic outbursts. I always get sleepy around this time of year. It finally snowed last night but it didn't stay. A light dusting on top of the cars in the lot this morning was the only evidence. Ther roads weren't slippery -- thank god.

I've also been halping out a neighbour of mine that cannot afford to get his car in tiptop shape. I think I've finally convinced him to get his ass in my passenger seat on time. Nothing I hate much more than waiting for people who are perpetually late.

Hmmm, it's hard to sum up the family life in this past 30 days. Gabi has been a lot more responsible. I don't need to discipline her very often anymore. I'm not srue about when I'm not home but when I am she is always looking at me to make sure that what she is about to do is a 'permitted activity' if I give her a wink or a big smile she'll go ahead and do it. But if she wants to slap her sister she still tries to go for it and hope nobody will notice!!!

I caught her sitting on her sister's head a couple of weeks ago and had to give her a very stern chewing out. She's still very jealous. Because the games she wants to play with moma and papa are always getting delayed and/or cancelled because of Abi's little cry.

We will be munching on some Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. American Thanksgiving, I know but my boss is an American so you have to put up with some cultural imperialism. I really don't know why they have this holiday so darn close to Christmas but I really think they should try to grow a brain -- oh, wait, they did elect Bush twice in a row and weren't both elections complete bullshit? I guess they will never grow a brain.

We took Gabi to the immigration office earlier this month. We were about 5 days after the 30 day deadline so the bastards made me wait for a long time before they finished my paperwork and then slapped me with a $100 fine. Oh yeah, I actually had to go to two immigration offices also becasue the temporary office they have on Wednesdays in Cheonan isn't equiped to handle fines. All that waiting for nothing. I told them that I didn't get my daughters passport until the day before but they said: "You should have come into our office to notify us that she was born".

Well, what the hell? Is she a bomb or something? I wouldn't be so annoyed if they were actually capable of communicating this information to foreigners, but their website sucks and it doesn't actually have any bloody information on it. So, I could have asked for an extra day off (which I need to make up at the end of the semester) driven my ass down to the office and then asked: "Hey what should I do with my daughter she doesn't have her passport but her 30 days are up?". But why the hell can't they make some information available so I don't have to take a whole day off and drive to another city just to find out the information that I'm legally required to obtain?

Anyway, it worked out because I've been itching to get some salami from Costco for weeks now and I just couldn't justify the gasoline expense and the drive.

Abi turns two soon! And Gabi is now a little over 19 months old. Gabi is not only doing better with following rules but she's also eating less messily and doing her best to help out. From going to fetch a diaper to carry dirty dishes to the sink she seems to love gaining our approval by doing stuff she sees us do all of the time.

I downloaded a bunch of BBC Planet Earth shows in High definition last week. The picture is amazing! It really looks 3D and Gabi seems to appreciate the high quality videos about nature as much as we do. During one of the videos Gabi was immitating the head movements of the birds of paradise on the computer. She still isn't talking comprehensibly but I figure it's just a matter of time. "Excuse me" is "SU Su" and "Thank you" is "Hank You". She also likes to say "Bye" everytime she moves from one room to another which can somtimes meean five or six 'byes' in a five minute period.

I have only 4 more weeks of work and then I get to stay home and chase my family around the house. Hurray!

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