Thursday, October 11, 2007

I got close to 8 hours of sleep last night!

I've been so exhausted lately. Waking up at the smallest noise and then tending to either Gabi or Abi as the case may be. Naturally I'm not doing nearly as much as Rosi as I don't sleep as lightly as her and I can't generate breast milk for Abi so I've been making do with just waking up and losing sleep.

Last night I think I slept through the whole night! Anyway, I feel great today. I have some more pictures but there never seems to be enough time between dinner and dishes and diapers to put the pics up. I'll get to it soon.

After work today I have to wisk Abi off to a photo studio to get pics for her citizenship and passport. Korean immigration gives you only 30 days after the birth of a new baby to register her. This means that I need a passport within the next two weeks! I hope the Canadian embassy is speedy with their child passports.

Next week should be a bit relaxing. My students all have mid-term examinations so I actually have Tuesday through Friday off. Naturally, as a foreigner in Korea I seem to always need my extra days off to take care of paper work, so I'll be heading into Seoul on Tuesday or Wednesday to register Abi with the embassy.

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