Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My baby's 17!

I guess I'll still be counting her age by the month until she's about 2 or so, but you never know. I'm 456 next month after all.

So the update:

She's about 80cm and her average weight seems to be around 11.3kg -- I think the scales I've been using aren't the most accurate so it's best to go with the average of the best grouping.

Nowadays she's saying "hi" in a very meaningful way as a greeting and using "bye bye" most of the time in it's proper form. She's also using "'scuse me" quite well although it's too early to tell if she got the knack for that one. "kaka" is a word she isn't quite using consistently, meaning for our family poop as in "I went poop". I honestly don't know where 'kaka' came from. Maybe it's Hungarian? It doesn't seem to be English and it isn't Filipino either.

She finally finished the syrupy medicines that the doc prescribed for her "mini-bronchitis" and she is noticeably more energetic now that the medicine isn't sedating her.

Yesterday morning, she was invited to join in a dance at the local orini-jeep (play school) which she apparently did quite well and enjoyed. I've discovered that we cannot send her to that play school next month as I had hoped because it will cost about US$400 a month unless we get some sort of government funding. As far as I can tell only Korean kids are eligible.

Oh yeah, we didn't notice until quite late that she had gone kaka in her diaper and she had a nasty, nasty diaper rash. Gavin was hogging the toilet so Rosi thought that wiping it off (her butt) with those alcohol laced wipes would help -- but it didn't, just made it hurt all the more. You live and learn. Rosi seems to be finding herself at home now and is beginning to make connections in the local apartment community -- happily.

Our apartment complex is basically about 20 towers or so, isolated at the top of a hill. Each tower holds ten floors of approximately ten families. In the middle of the complex is the main access road with a bakery (it's name is Paris Baguette but it never has plain baguettes on stock from what I can tell it only carries garlic baguettes but they do have a pretty tasty almost rye bread), a few convenience stores, multiple restaurants, a few small beer bars and a medium sized grocery store.

It's quite a friendly place really. Lots of kids are always around playing, taking care of each other and having the inevitable screaming matches. One or two crazy ones like to chase after Charlize and try to pick her up or hug her -- which she hates. Otherwise she is having a grand time. Sometimes we leave the apartment door open so that the air will circulate, she takes these opportunities to visit the neighbours just like she did in the Philippines. When she gets bored of our immediate neighbours she heads up the stairs or down the hall. She seems to have one favourite hangout in the apartment of a colleague of mine. He has two daughters that are just barely school aged and absolutely adore Charlize in a friendly non-annoying way (for her).

Oh yeah, we call her Gabi now because the average Korean cannot come even close to making the sounds required for her first name. I really don't want her running around being called Cha-li-chue. But Gabi is imminently pronounceable (for Hungarians too!).

We are off for another appointment at our birth hospital on Saturday. I just received a text from them last night saying somewhat mysteriously that the test results are normal and we should get another test in 6 months. I asked a friend to translate it for me because I figured that since it didn't make any sense there was something wrong with my Korean. Turns out the native Korean consultant (an acquaintance) that I consulted had the same troubles. Hopefully the doc can clarify things on Saturday.

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