Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's gonna be a girl!


If you look carefully you can see that this is 'the nugget's' face. It's a bit scary looking but when you realize that this is an image created by sound waves it's pretty cool.

According to my colleagues at the High School, the doctor isn't allowed to tell you the sex of your baby until it's born. But they are allowed to indicate whether you should be buying pink clothes or blue clothes . . .

Koreans don't tend to appreciate their daughters so much and this is why they have a law about what the doc is allowed to say about pre-birth gender. Naturally the doctor we met just came straight out with "It's probably female" -- Koreans don't respect laws too much.

So the nugget will be another girl. Rosi's third and my second girl. Rosi is thinking about Aliza as the first name but I'm not sure yet.

Oh, by the way, Charlize's weight is 11.3 kg and she's 81 cm tall. The nugget, it is predicted, will be about 3.2 kg at birth.

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