Friday, September 28, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Okay, I hid the photo because I think Rosi doesn't appreciate the public admiring her too much!

Here we have Abigail Job on her first attempt to make a good latch on Rosi's nipple. I'm very happy to say that she is now happily receiving mother's milk. It was a bit harrowing as Rosi wasn't producing anything for the first 24 hours. The hospital staff also gave us a bottle and some formula to take home which had me scared that we'd have a bottle baby.

I'm so glad to be home! We wound up spending the prescribed 3 nights in the hospital even though I was determined to just walk out, I let myself be persuaded by the pleasant staff that we should stay the full three.

The hospital bill wasn't as bad as I had been imagining, either.

My boss gave me Thursday and Friday off from work as the alternative I presented to him wasn't desirable. Normally Korean men get a maximum of one day off when a baby is born. So, my boss needed a bit of persuading to allow me two days. I simply explained to him that I would have to bring Gabi with me if I was expected to work. I guess that most Koreans wouldn't be able to follow through with such a threat having two sets of parents that would equally love to take care of their granddaughter for the three days that the mom spends in the hospital.

Oh yeah, here are a few pics of Abi. Of course the quality isn't very good because you really shouldn't expose new borns to the camera flash:

By the way, my apartment complex is awesome. We got two big pots of soup to put into our fridge to help keep Rosi well fed and flowing from our wonderful neighbours.

Enough, I have to get to bed, I'm soooooo tired from being Gabi's wet-nurse the last three nights. I've been keeping the milk flowing between her lips whenever she awakens in the night. I don't handle loss of sleep very well.

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