Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tickled in Korea

Well, I think this is my first post since I've returned to Korea with my family. Perhaps it isn't but you'll have to excuse my lack of ability to recall such details as things are going well but they are doing so at a rough and tumble pace.

It isn't easy to settle into a new country with a toddler and a fully grown new-traveller. Things are great really I'm enjoying having my family here but there are some serious things to overcome. The apartment is full of furniture that I don't like, it's dirty and we have a roommate that is doing his best to help my family settle without giving up on too many of his undesirable tendencies -- such as pack rat tendencies and an overarching inability to clean.

Don't get me wrong, I like Gavin and I hope that I can do as much for him and his family as he and his has done for me and mine. However, he is sort of stranded in my apartment (an occurrence that I forsaw a long time ago) with his clunky furniture, dust, junk and dirt. Practically filled a room with his junk and there is still plenty more cramping the living-room, kitchen and balcony. I don't want to get rid of the rest of the shit into that room as I wonder what the hell Tasha will do when she overstays her welcome at her friends place and I wonder what will Susie do when she comes back from New Zealand as well.

Besides the roommate thing which has always been a problem (with the exception of Andy) we also have a baby due in about a month and we're trying to settle Charlize here as quickly as possible. She developed a cough as one might expect with the change in air quality not to mention overall changes in the climate and living surroundings (to much god damned dust in this apartment). The air-quality change by the way is a positive. Nothing so startles me as the experience of arriving in Seoul from the Philippines and feeling myself inhale deeply with the overpowering thought "AAAHHHHH fresh air"!

There is also the matter of formula. She imbibes of Lactum 1+ a formula which I must say is decidedly sweet, far too sweet for my liking -- but it seemed that I had no choice as the other formulas available in the Philippines had similar lactose contents. It seems that far too many things in the Philippines are sweet. They have sweet bread, candy and drink everywhere and in fact the first solids that any Filipino child eats is invariably chocolate or some other jarringly sweet concoction.

We bought some formula here in Korea yesterday and to my pleasant surprise it is NOT sweet. But this doesn't make Charlize happy. She won't eat the stuff. No big surprise Lactum isn't available here -- what's a father to do? I've decided that before the lactum runs out it's a good idea to slowly mix it in smaller proportions with the non-sweet Korean formula. But even a mild change in the flavour seems to have pissed Charlize off. All the better I suppose as I'm concerned that she hasn't eaten any solids in weeks she just doesn't take to them.

Today at breakfast she had about 1gram of bread, half a gram of egg and a morsel of pork. At lunch she had 4 grains of rice. At dinner she had 6 grains of rice and 1 ml of soup. But she was drinking her lactum all day. She wasn't, however, keeping it down. Everytime she coughs she hurls all of the formula that she ate within the last hour. She almost never coughs unless she has a full stomach. Naturally my plan is that she must not have a full stomach for a while. Easier said than done when you have a mother daughter combo that have been working together for many months.

But aside from the troubles it is such a pleasure to breath this clean air and we visited a park today. We had a great time laying in the grass and Charlize went clear from one end of the park to the other and then to the end in another direction. She never went for distance, instead she visited with picnicing families and watched the local wildlife in situ. I have heaps of pictures only half of which are up at the moment showing our activities in both Korea and the Philippines (the other half are soon to follow). There is a batch that will be only the park (when I get them up) and another batch that are just Korea and finally a batch that are just the Philippines. At the moment I really don't have much time. I'm up late right now because Charlize awoke for a snack but didn't find anything to her liking because her nasty dad changed her formula on her. I can only hope that she will begin to develop a taste for solids and simultaneously forget about her sugar addiction.

There is something about formula that makes me wonder though. I know for a fact that breast milk is decidedly sweet. Not only is it delicious (Rosi's anyway) but it's also very sweet but not in a sickly way. So why is Korean formula so very not sweet? And why is Filipino formula so sickly sweet? Is breast milk always sweet? Questions that may always go unanswered. Okay enough -- I just hope Charlize eats a bit tomorrow.

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