Friday, August 03, 2007

Dogs taste better than they smell

The Independent posted this news article about dog soup and the dog eating culture in Korea.

For me it is a simple decision. Dog soup (boshintang or poshintang as they might call it in Busan) tastes much better than most dogs smell and it's copiously available at a reasonable price all over Korea -- in fact I have never enjoyed the smell of a live dog.

For those of you that think it is barbaric to eat dogs I have a simple test of the morality of dog-eating. Do dogs truly differ in any significant way from pigs, cows and chickens? Certainly one would like to assert that most dogs have a far larger brain capacity than chickens, but I wonder if this is true of greyhounds and the breed to which Lassie belongs. But this might sound misleading as Koreans make soup only from a certain breed of dog -- Lassie just will not do -- too tough and skinny.

I once had a friend that was sick for two days after eating only a spoonful of dog-soup, what a remarkable thing the substance of thought can play on the senses.

On the homefront things are coming along fairly well over here. We are now back in our apartment in Kalibo and making plans to move to Korea on August 15th (Korean independence day). Rosi now has her Visa and Charlize being Canadian can now enter Korea for 6 months as a tourist. We are off to the beach on Sunday and then on Monday I hope to complete Rowena's adoption papers so that she can come to Korea in one year's time without too much trouble.

Charlize is still as cute as hell and the remainder of the wedding photos will finally be up (see the last post for the link) as of an hour or so from now.

I now have nothing further to worry about. Everything is sweet. In a few weeks time I'm looking forward to eating some dog soup with my wife and daughter. Dogs taste so much better than they smell, how could you not eat them?

Speaking of furry animals that most people would rather not eat, I saw about five massive rats in Manila as I walked the midnight streets for a bottle of water and a smoke. These rats were as big as most cats and clearly should be eaten by some brave soul in such a poor country. It was all I could do but to keep from shivering as I hoped they would not approach me.

As I left the hotel I was also accosted by the sight of nearly a dozen thumb-sized roaches congregating on the sidewalk. It was as if they were conspiring to distract me as another leapt from a tree onto my neck. I was so disgusted as I swept it away with my hand that my neck tingled with imagined infections for the next hour. If the criteria for appropriateness of edibility should involve being ugly like pigs, chickens and cows how much more appropriate that we should eat cockroaches -- proviso -- sufficiently sterilized or raised in same environ.

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