Friday, July 20, 2007

We're finally hitched!

Here is our favourite picture of the wedding, which was necessarily small so that we can get the paperwork for Rosi's Visa out of the way. Looks like we will have to come back to the Philippines later for a bigger churchie wedding.

Anyway we are off to Manila to get Rosi's Visa on Monday early. We don't have the official wedding certificate yet but we're hoping that the Koreans won't know the difference!

If they do notice then we'll have a much shorter wait in Manila for the 'official-authenticated-true- copy-certified-original-or-whatever". It's quite confusing in the Philippines as there are about 5 papers in my folder right now, each is different but each can be called my marriage certificate! Only one piece of paper will be construed as 'evidence' that we are married and it is the NSO Authenticated certificate of our wedding certificate.

In Manila, we can get this within about five days, but if we wait for it here it will take three weeks to a month. I'll get the rest of the photos up when I get the chance but Rosalee (Rosi's sister) isn't a very gregarious photographer and the courtroom doesn't really seem the place for photos anyhow.

As the pics are uploaded, so very slowly by my dial-up in Kalibo, you can see the wedding photos -- there are about six right now with a total in the teens.

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