Monday, July 02, 2007

Taxi Drivers!!!!

I'm still in Manila, waiting for the Canadian Embassy to open up
tomorrow (Canada day holidays today!).

So, today I met a taxi driver who figured he'd get a free lunch out of
me. I kept on looking at the meter and it was clear that he hadn't
turned it on but I wasn't sweating it, since we hadn't agreed upon a
price, we hadn't even discussed a price.

About 5 minutes after our departure I suggest that he should turn on
his meter. He turned it on briefly and then told me that the ride
would be 100 pesos and then he turned the meter off again!

I suggested that he would do better to turn the meter on again and he
merely repeated his inflated price.

So, we got to our destination and I handed him 50 pesos which seemed a
lot more likely to be an accurate price. He got pretty upset but he
had forgotten rule number one for a negotiation. Always get the
customer to agree to a price! I hadn't agreed to anything. I only kept
on asking him to turn on his meter.

End of story.

Except one thing. I took the return trip by a more honest taxi driver.
Exactly the same destination and as far as I could tell roughly the
same route but this taxi driver turned on his meter!

It cost 80 pesos! Too bad for the guy who didn't follow my advice!!! Hehehe.

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