Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy but poor in Kalibo

I'm with my family for the third night in a row in Kalibo. Things are
going pretty well. The wedding won't be until July 20th (as the
regulations here require that we have the wedding notice posted for 2
weeks before we are granted a license) and so our application for a
Visa won't be until July 23rd or so.

I am a touch concerned about the state of my new KB bank account
however (I had to open a KB bank account to accommodate my Uni's
electronic pay requirements). The god damned bank won't let me
withdraw any funds!!!!! Luckily I have had a Shinhan bank account for
these past 3 odd years and so I have access to SOME money but that
paycheque I will be getting at the end of the month won't do me much
good if the fucking bank won't let me take the money out of a Filipino
bank machine!

If I had a Korean banker here I would tie him up and shove dog shit
down his throat for the next 5 consecutive days without a second
thought. I fucking hate Korean banks.

When it comes time to purchase Rosi's flight to Korea I really wonder
how the hell I'm going to pay for it. On second thought I think I'd
rather tear that banker's head off and shit down his neck at the end
of the 3rd consecutive day of feeding him dog shit.

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