Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Everything is a Go!


Very good news, we got together everything we needed and Rosi will get her entry Visa for Korea soon! I also managed change my flight so that we can all fly together. We will be arriving in Korea on August 15th, plenty of time for us to settle into our Korea apartment and Korean lifestyle before I start work at the end of August.

I'm having a fantastic time getting to know my daughter and new wife -- they are both funny as hell and cute as buttons. Charlize's vocabulary is expanding rapidly, she can just barely say hello and tickle, tickle and a bunch of other things she says are totally incomprehensible but she doesn't seem to mind us not understanding.

We have a few things to finish up here in Manila. Our 'authentic' wedding certificate should be ready in about 5 days if our contacts work out. Then we are off to pack up and empty out our Kalibo apartment. Less than three weeks and I'll have my family in Korea -- Finally.

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