Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another day in our lives in Kalibo

I'm at a relatively fast internet cafe in Kalibo. Just got my Filipino visa extended and I'm downloading a Pussy Cat Dolls video from YouTube for Rosi and Charlize.

I forgot to bring some pics with me to upload (Rosi's internet is shockingly slow), but I didn't take many photos yet since I thought I would spend more time just enjoying my family instead of documenting.

So here's the Routine.

Charlize wakes up at around 6am and Rosi gives her some formula which keeps her quiet for a while. Then she begins the morning hunt for my glasses. After about 10 minutes of relentless stalking she discovers my hiding place from the night before and starts playing with my glasses. Rosi then takes them away from her and puts them into my sleepy hand. I carefully observe any new scratches that they may have acquired and give Charlize a couple of belly raspberries as a token of appreciation for her hunting skills.

Then Rosi changes Charlize's diapers and goes back to sleep. Charlize then plays with some of her books and tries to tear a new page out of the bible -- my latest Paulo Coelho novel is well beyond her reach where it belongs. Later she heads down the stairs (with some guided assistance). She then dashes out the door and down the corridor to get a solid dose of cooing and appreciation from the neighbours. The 5 university girls directly next door and the middle aged mother of three, one door down, baby sit for us and play with Charlize until she gets bored and searches out another companion. Naturally, all of our neighbours find her adorable and call to her from inside their apartments even when she isn't available for play.

While she is visiting I crawl out of bed and drag myself to the local Sari-Sari store for "One stick of Marlboro" which I smoke with coffee in hand on the local sheltered bench on the street. As I return to our compound I find Charlize and Rosi waiting for me at the gate (they had spied me on the bench across the street) and I pick up Charlize carrying her and flipping her around in such a way as to make her giggle and laugh as her mother frets that I'll break some of her bones.

Then I hold her in my lap while we watch some funny cartoons. I lift her up to discover wet spots on my shorts discovering that she has been diaperless since 7am and give her to mom for a cleaning and some new panties (and maybe a diaper too). Then I relieve myself in the seatless toilet (who needs a toilet seat anyway?) using the time honored water on the bum technique to wash myself afterward and then I take a shower and head down to the street passport in hand to get my Filipino Visa extension. It's now 8am.

I ride the tricycle down to the plaza and hunt out an available copy machine. Copies in hand I arrive at the immigration office near Quimpo (pronounced Kimpo) and Barrios to find that all is quiet and the office is empty save for me. I fill out my form and slide 2000 pesos (US$40) across the desk to receive another stamp in my shiny new passport.

Right now I suspect that Charlize is visiting with neighbours again or perhaps she is playing with one of her electronic books -- she has two now -- or perhaps she is building something with her blocks. She still isn't eating much these days although I find that she enjoys fruit laced yogurt and kim (sushi stile seaweed from Korea) with the occasional grain of rice thrown it. I saw her nibble on some fried pork last night but I cannot confirm that she actually digested any of it.

Looks like we will have to push back the date for Rosi's Korean Visa application a touch. After we get married on July 20th we need to take our marriage license to another office where it will receive and electronic verification or some such and that will probably take 3 days or so.

I expect we will be in Manila for the Korean Visa around the 25th or 26th of July. Where it will probably take 2 to 3 more days to get her Visa processed.

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