Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Mama, Dada, Za, To . . . "

Charlize is still learning to talk. She's now upto the point of being able call to all the most important people in her life:

"To" is the boy next door Toto. The landlords 5-year-old son.

"Za" is Aiza the nanny (yaya in Tagalog).

"Mama" is pretty obvious and Rosi tells me that she asks Charlize nearly every night to identify "dada" in a photo hanging in their bedroom.

So, it just might be possible that Charlize will recognize me and not be terribly afraid of me when I see her in just under a month's time.

I've been a bit quiet as of late. Mostly because I'm just biding my time. Waiting until I can see my family again. I seem to spend most of my time, when I'm not missing my daughter and wife, reading, sleeping or watching movies.

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