Friday, June 29, 2007

I scanned Charlize's passport photo


Isn't she beautiful?
I'm off to the Philippines Sunday morning!!!!
Sadly, I will have to wait in Manila until Tuesday (or possibly Wednesday morning) so I can get my divorce papers validated for Filipino laws. But I'll see Rosi and Charlize and the shape of the nugget that still has no definite gender.

My last day of classes was pretty relaxing. I just showed funny videos to my students and explained to them that I was off to the Philippines for about 2 months.

My colleagues were all clearly quite jealous. Their vacations range from 4 to 11 days! Korea is a very good country in many ways but it will never attain the status of an advanced civilization until its citizens can put together more than 5 days for a vacation -- ridiculous.

I'm also told that it is illegal for a woman to go topless on a Korean beach -- I think most would agree that this too must change!

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