Friday, June 29, 2007

clueless neighbour

I just have to get this off my chest.

It's so ridiculous I cannot justify being angry, but that's what I feel and so I need to blow some steam.

My fucking neighbour came by to chat to my roomy about something giving me the cold shoulder and trying to belittle my 'ride' and my punctuality (7:35am not 7:30 not 7:40 and decidedly not 7:55!!)!

It's so strange to me that it obviously doesn't occur to him that I would find it inconvenient to wait for his lazy, tardy ass to get into my car when I'm leaving early just to get him to his job on time.

Anyway, I'm thinking about ringing his doorbell just so I can tell him to go and fuck himself, but I know that would be inappropriate. When you are dealing with a rude, half-wit you cannot expect him to act like normal folk. You can expect him to act almost like normal folk and when he acts like an absolute fucking jerk-off retard well then, you cannot be very surprised can you?

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