Monday, June 25, 2007

the bus

So, my neighbour wanted me to give him a ride to school today (not the same school, but darn close). He says: "Ten O'clock?" and I said: "Yeah, fine Ten O'clock".

I'm waiting in my car and waiting and waiting. 'Round about 10 minutes past 10 I give him a call. His daughter answers: "He says he'll just be a few minutes". I ask her to pass on my message: "I've been waiting for 10 minutes already".

I should have just left! 10:15 he shows up. We start to drive off and then he says he forgot his drink:"I forgot my drink. . . Do you mind". I guess I had this feeling that the whole thing was unreal so I said that sure, I don't mind.

We leave the parking lot at 10:20! Isn't that crazy? Anyway, he sounds like he wants a ride on Friday, so I told him in no uncertain terms that I'm leaving at 7:35 on Friday morning because I work 1 hour later and I hate battling Korean traffic: "No need to confirm with me the night before, if you are in my car at 7:35 I'll give you a ride, if you aren't then you'll have to find your own way to work!"

If there is one thing I hate, beyond almost anything else it is people who make you wait because they don't give a shit about you, and they can't break out of their foolish battle with time. It's one thing to be at a bar having a tall cool pint and your mate shows up 15 minutes later than expected, hey no big deal.

But I got out of bed early this morning so I could give that shit a ride to work early! Some folks just can't be trusted to be on time. For those of us that are punctual, I'm afraid there isn't much we can do -- hey buddy, the bus is leaving without you.

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