Friday, April 06, 2007

Vroom, Vroom -- 359

walking down the alley

Her birthday is coming up! Her first.

She loves to practise walking, but only when somebody helps her.

Shouting just to hear herself.

Saying the words "papa, mama" and "vroom, vroom".

When mom says "bad smell" Charlize wrinkles up her nose and screws up her lips.

She still wants to nurse, even though her milk supply is drying up out of the need to feed the new nugget.

Rosi applied ginger to her nipples in hopes that it would help Charlize to wean. But, apparently she likes ginger almost as much as her old man!

Last week, she crawled into Aiza's room in the middle of the night and started talking to her, I guess she was hoping to find somebody awake that would like to chat.

She has 5 teeth and counting.

Easter float -- Jesus

Here's Christ.

nugget dressed

. . . and here's the nugget.

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