Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My family in Korea?

Upon assurances from Daejeon immigration (via help from my Uni's office) I've begun the process of having Rosi and Charlize coming over on a vistor's visa. Only it ain't as easy as it sounds. Rosi's in Manila right now trying to get a straight answer from the wench in the Korean embassy as to what the hell she needs to do to get a 59 day Korean visa.

This shit at the desk told her to get a fiancee visa, which of course was no help because there are all sorts of ridiculous requirements attached. Rosi's heading back again Wednesday morning to try and get the straight poop on how she, a housewife, can get a 59 day visa. Hopefully, things won't get too confused again. I'm really, really hoping that I can see Rosi and Charlize as early as next month. If so, then the wedding will be moved up into the civil quarter in Korea and then a church wedding in the winter in Philippines.

Wish us luck, that the surly Korean chick behind the desk will be forthcoming with some descent information for a change. I want to see my family! I'm really getting fucking sick of both the Korean and Filipino governments! You'd think that in the Philippines it would be just a matter of money, but there's always some idiot who thinks it can't be right unless it's obscenely complex and convoluted.

The latest news. Rosi is making short videos of Charlize these days. She walked 3 or 4 steps yesterday! But she's pretty scared of falling. Too many dames mothering her I figure. Oh yeah, I don't remember if I mentioned this already or not but she has finally been weaned. She's completely on the bottle now. Rosi's milk has been drying up steadily as the nugget in her belly grows. Rosi finally resorted to putting spicy peppers on her nipples before Charlize gave them up. Earlier she tried ginger but that just made Charlize more thirsty!

Please god, somebody help me get them over here. I'm so sick of wishing I could enjoy watching her grow up.

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