Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mobile post: Office-tel

On the train to seoul I bought a standing ticket rather than wait for a train with a free seat.
Feasting my eyes on sights like the YKK zipper factory and countless office-tels which are essentially lofts that you can buy or rent anmually.
Most Koreans think officetel is an English word and so the juggernaut of Konglish (Koreas version of pigeon English)advances.
Im basically killing time as my mp3 player has died once again and my chat mates are at present ignoring me.
Ive finaly overcome my flulike symptoms and Im probably on my way to a night of debauchery with my old grayhaired friend Andy. He usally ends Up drinking until the wee hours of the morning while I tend to fall asleep and sober up enough to keep him out of trouble. Then we sleep it off on our respective trains home.
I managed to upload the latest pics of Charlize last night her 1st birthday party in fact and Rosi has assured me that she made some cute vids also. Which I will share in July when Im back in the Philippines.
Not much else to report at the moment save that at present Im trying to get together the paperwork that should finaly get my daughter and wife into Korea! Wish me luck. I may need it. Top of my list is to find a Korean sponsor for Rosi which apparently I cannot do without. Then I will try to obtain my divorce proclamation and register my impending wedding with the Canadian Embassy in Manila. Hopefully all will go as planned. In any case Charlize will be the flower girl at our wedding around the end of July. Anybody interested may join the celebrations!

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