Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus -- from respectable to racist pig -- In just 3 words!

Yes, it is a crying shame that Imus gets canned for using language that I hear in songs and on videos all of the time.

Come on North America, get some perspective!

I think that most reasonable people would agree that it takes more than 3 words

"Nappy headed ho's."
to turn a veteran radio industry worker from a respectable man into a racist prig! But, then again who is reasonable in the states these days? Isn't it funny that everybody is reporting and saying the words that Imus used but they suffer no censure because they aren't saying 'nappy headed hos', no siree, they are merely quoting Imus. And he said "Nappy headed ho's" first!

What a way to end a career -- "Nappy headed ho's".

I remember when I was working in Hobbema at one of the Cree Indian controlled schools. If a student swore in class I was supposed to report it to the appropriate office for the so-called 'discipline' that they offered. However, if I repeated what a student said I would get myself into a world of trouble. My students would promptly complain to there parents and the principal and anybody who listened:

Teacher said FUCK! He should be fired.
Never you mind, the fact that I was just pointing out to the student that he had said a forbidden word. The conversation would normally go like this:

"What bad word did I say", asked the student.
You know that you said "fuck" and you will have to pay for it.

Oh my god! Teacher said "fuck". Oh teacher you are in trouble. You are gonna get fired you fucking white honky bastard. Give me back my land, or pay me the rent that you owe me.

Naturally, when the students complained to our 'white' principal he decided to look upon the situation from a reasonable perspective. However, my first year in Hobbema I had a native principal who was born and raised on that same reserve and her reaction to student complaints along this line was to give me a stern written warning. The rest of that year I spent my time telling students that they were in trouble for saying the 'f-word', I felt like such a child.

Look at North America now, what a ridiculous culture we have!

Read the BBC's blurb about Imus the victim of the ridiculous right.

Check out the more substantial article:
CBS Fires Don Imus Over Racial Slur

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