Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm getting married and my nipples hurt

This week I'll head over to my bosses office and see if she has any will to help me bring my family to Korea. I need the pres of the uni to write a letter of invitation for my wife and daughter.

The wedding is coming up near the end of July. Mom's sending down a dress for Charlize so she can be an adorable flower girl. Anybody want to come down and be my best man? The ideal candidate would be a rich go getter kind of fellow who doesn't mind dropping a couple of grand on a vacation.

Airtreks.com and Canadian partner Long haul travel have an interesting trip planning webpage!

Vancouver - Seattle - Manila - Singapore - Delhi - Vancouver

If this price includes taxes it would definitely beat the price I paid in 2005 for a return trip to Seoul via Manila.

The weather is turning warmer now but especially in the mornings it's nipple crinkling weather for sure! I'm wearing a suit to work everyday and sadly I don't have a trench coat or any other kind of coat that I could comfortably wear over top of my suit. When I come to work my nipples start to hurt as they rub against the fabric of my dress shirt. This probably wouldn't happen if I owned silk shirts. But, I'm not going to be buying a silk shirt anytime soon, I don't like making business for the dry cleaners.

The high school teaching is proving to be pretty disappointing. My students don't get marks from my class and, in fact, my class has no bearing on what they need to learn to get into University either. So, my classes are essentially baby sitting. My students never think for themselves. Getting them to do the simplest tasks involves a great deal of hand-holding and sometimes shouting. This week I have kept every class late (beyond the normal 50 minutes) just so they can finish the simplest of assignments. Sometimes they will spend a whole hour on an assignment and all they have managed by the end is to precisely and painstakingly copy what I showed to them as an example.

It is just possible that I am the first teacher that these kids have met that expects them to actually think for themselves. If this is true then I may be able to expect some progress from them by about the end of next semester -- I hope. But aside from the hand-holding I'm definitely enjoying teaching a different age group for a change. And it's hard to beat the hours. I have the second week of May free because my students will be writing mid-term exams! That means I will only teach 15 weeks this semester (instead of 16).

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