Saturday, March 10, 2007

Vatican harbours 7 priests wanted for child sex offenses in the U.S.

Update:The video is gone from Google! Maybe the BBC objected to this show being placed on Google Video. It is available at the BBC website. For those of you that cannot be bothered watching it on the annoying video viewer that the BBC provides (i.e. the ridiculous realplayer) please post an email address in the comments below and I'd be more than happy to mail you a download link.

This video is an interesting look into the role of the pope and the upper echelons of the Catholic church in quieting scandals,withholding evidence and harboring accused sex offenders. The evidence being withheld would lead to the conviction of parish priests that sodomize and otherwise sexually abuse the young girls and boys placed in their care by unknowing and trusting Catholic parishioners.

It is one thing to create a power structure that leads inevitably to sexual abuse, but it is quite another to perpetrate a grand cover up in the interests of keeping the church's failings a secret. The supposed moral leaders of our world have taken healthy, young, intelligent men and deprived them of any legitimate sexual pleasure. These young men cannot marry and they must deny their sexual impulses.

Who, but the most shortsighted, could not foresee that such an artificial view of sexuality would lead to countless cases of child sex abuse?

Here is a short clip from the show that aired on BBC:

The Confidential Document

Transcript of the film

The BBC's own page regarding this film (Panorama).

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