Friday, March 09, 2007

Terrible stupid dreams

Terrible dreams last night. I was flying to meet with Rosi. I got my ticket and I was roaming about the airport trying to figure out where to meet my plane but the ticket was written in Korean and it didn't make any sense.

I asked many people on my way, but nobody could help me. I couldn't call the airline because the number on the back of the ticket was a Hong Kong number and I can't dial international numbers on my phone and I was just standing there trying to find a solution, watching the time tick away.

Then I realized that I didn't get a boarding pass from the airline agent and that my time was up. I had missed my flight.

Poor Rosi, I wasn't going to be there to meet her and she would be wondering what happened and she'd be very upset.

But as the feelings from the dream ebb away I begin to feel a bit better. However, I cannot help but feel like my real life is so much like that dream. Rosi and I are both very upset that once again she and Charlize must stay in the Philippines. And once again we need to apply for her visa to enter the Korea. But there is no way for her to get into Korea until my next holiday in July or August.

Rosi's English is getting much better, very quickly, as can be discovered by the fact that she is reading my blog from start to finish and she isn't too happy with everything she has read. Granted there is a bit of a cultural barrier as well as a language barrier.

Probably the thing that is causing the most problems is that I am not entirely truthful on this blog. For example, last year my boss somehow found my blog and started reading it regularly. That is why I didn't spend a lot of time writing about how unhappy I was with her. Also there were certain issues that I had to do my best to avoid mentioning for fear that she would become angry or upset.

And I told some stories about her pretending to be somebody else so that hopefully she wouldn't recognize either me or herself in the stories.

Today, I'm off to Seoul to shop for some nice clothes. I've been to the High School to which I'm being 'farmed' by my university and everybody there is wearing three-piece suits, so I better get my self formalized.

I have one very nice suit that I probably wouldn't have bought if it weren't for the shoving a friend of mine did many years ago. It was about CAD $400 which seemed ridiculous to me at the time, but I had the money and so I bought it. That's also when I bought my expensive leather jacket.

With the exception of my laptop, I have never spent so much on a single item in my life. Today I hope to find some cheaper suits!

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