Friday, March 23, 2007

Sixth cup of coffee

Yup, I'm working on my sixth right now. Okay, the blog thing isn't working out the way I'd hoped. I thought I could get more page views if I told a few friends about it and then the adsense cash would start a-flying! But of course, my page views are pretty darn small and I think I have a walluping 10 bucks in my adsense account. They don't pay out until your total gets upto 100 bucks which means that some time around 2050 I'll be happily buying a chocolate bar with that check.

So, what's happened is that mostly folks that I know, are checking up on the pages here and so I cannot do my usual bellyaching. I cannot complain about them because then they'd read my nasty words about them and get upset. Worse, they might take what I say to heart and forsake my lowly companionship.

Rosi has finally read more or less all of my posts and every now and then she sends me a chat message, all concerned, because what I've said has jogged her memory about something she had read in my blog.

For example, on Thursday I sent Rosi a chat message that I was off to Costco. When I returned home I had this chat conversation with her:

Thursday, March 22, 2007
Me: hi I"m back
Me: I need to get my wallet out of the car
Rosi: hey maybe your wallet its lost now?
Me: no, I have it now
Me: I just forgot it in the car
Me: I didn't want to worry about it
Me: you sent me lots of messages. why?
Rosi: good
Rosi: did you happen to you a bout you wrote in your blog a bout costco
Me: no, I already told you that was a joke. It didn't happen to anybody.
Rosi: the 2 good looking girls?
Me: no, it was a joke. It didn't happen to anybody. It's just something funny somebody wrote
Rosi: okay, I hope!

What Rosi was saying was basically:
I hope you aren't getting a blowjob from two good looking girls that are having sex in the back of your car. Are you sure you are telling me the truth that this didn't happen to you? Why would you write:

"Over the last month I have become a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get the family's groceries has turned out to be quite traumatic."

If it didn't happen to you? Why would you write "I have become a victim . . ." if it wasn't you?

And so I explain once again that it was just something funny that somebody else wrote and I put onto my blog.

I only just realized that the story about Costco mentions that "my wallet was stolen while I was getting a blowjob" and so perhaps I set Rosi's fears off by telling her that I'd forgotten my wallet in the car at the start of our chat conversation!

The funny thing is that I honestly did forget my wallet in the car, and it didn't occur to me until now that this might have been what was going through her head.

Speaking of which, I was pretty pissed-off that day because the two friends that I had invited to accompany me on the trip came penniless, which I didn't discover until we came through the check out counter! I wound up spending about 200 bucks and all I got for myself cost about 75.

I'm hoping my friends are good for the money because my income is a bit lower this year than last. Perhaps I'll go alone next time. And I certainly won't mention anything about my wallet to Rosi!

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