Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rosie, Sheen and Maverick are finished!

This clip from Fox is beyond incendiary. The 'experts' being interviewed have the audacity to compare this attack on the accepted view of 9/11 to holocaust denial(!), of all things, and the insolence to shoot down the investigation of questionable facts for fear that this would be painful for the victims' families!

I'm not a huge conspiracy theory fan, but it is hard to keep a level head about the US government with all this talk about the US attorneys being canned because they were stirring up too many rotten leaves, not to mention the outright lies that Bush and his government told in order to justify moving into Iraq, again!

Okay, yeah, I'm sorry, Bush and all federal employees (except US prosecutors, of course) are above the law and beyond the pall of question.

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