Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mobile Post: 2 Suits for brother S.

Dongdaemun station line 1 and 4 Exit 9: Doota (shopping mall).I decided that the one suit that I bought in Canada wasn't quite enough for a five day a week job, but 400 bucks a set is just too much to spend.
So Dongdaemun market worked out okay.I spent 240 bucks for two suits one tie and one shirt. We will see if the suits last long enough to be worth the cost.If Id gone shopping in E-mart I could easily have spent the same on just 2 suit jackets but I'm not a good judge of fabrics or quality cuts. I'm actually quite happy about wearing suits this year as I enjoy dressing elegantly (as an ex-colleague of mine in Hungary would have said). The easy part is over,now I have to figure out an interesting way to break the ice with my 700-odd high school students that I meet for the first time starting Monday.

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