Monday, March 19, 2007

Early Coltrane -- Early Riser

Maybe I will be dwelling upon this emusic thing afterall (see my last post)!

I found heaps of jazz on their site and some commentary on the albums and jazz movements available. Commentary that I can't really be bothered to look up for myself. emusic appears to have enough jazz to allow me to download 3o tracks a month for a year or so quite happily.

On the other hand I was just rediscovering an old music bookmark of mine:

A Jazz Anthology

You can subscribe for only $20 a year (14,000 jazz songs downloadable). Apparently these songs are no longer under copyright.

If I could only find a jazz club down here like the Yardbird Suite in Edmonton! I would have no need to return to my hometown except for visits to friends and family of course.

I'm awake rather ridiculously early today. So early that I really don't want to talk about it, but the new job is working out pleasantly enough. I am more than a bit disappointed with my students however. Their first assignment was approached in the most dishonest and lazy of manners that I can conceive possible.

Granted, my students don't get marks from me and my class doesn't do anything to help them pass the University entrance exams that become so very important in their third year of high school. So why should they put anything into my class? I should just point out that most of the students aren't aware of the fact that my class isn't important to their academic career -- so they should be trying very hard!

And yet, I can't help but think that maybe the language barrier is allowing them to engage in sloppy thinking. This, I shall do my best to remedy.

There are so many rules about behaviour in Korea. I'm still learning them as I go along. Last month I learned that if you are speaking to somebody that is older than you you must not put your hands in your pockets while you are speaking -- it's considered extremely rude.

Yesterday I discovered that you must have your rice on the left and your soup on the right. If your rice is on the right it means that you are a ghost! It is not really rude per se, it's just horribly terribly bad luck if you have your rice on your right.

Koreans, by the way, eat soup and rice with every meal so it's important to know these rules.

The other thing that I learned years ago but keep on relearning is that it's a very good idea to dress warm in the spring and fall as the people in charge of heating schools like to scrimp on fuel during these seasons and so it is invariably cold. Not a bad thing for a short time, but if you find yourself in a classroom for 5 hours and you aren't dressed for the heating situation your body temperature could drop a considerable number of degrees unawares.

Finally, I'm learning with the help of Rosi that it isn't easy to bring somebody into the world of the internet! She keeps on getting disturbed by the fact that many times she will send me an instant message but I won't answer even though my ID status indicates that I am online. I've had to explain to her that computers are often wrong! And so I may appear to be online, but really I am not! I can't blame her, it's kind of odd when you start out with computers, to have to learn the most important thing of all -- computers are stupid as hell.

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