Friday, March 02, 2007

The dream begins -- Charlize and Rosi in Korea

Another day's sleep and I'm up and about again. And when I say 'day' I do mean 'day'. A whole day basically. I slept until just a couple of hours ago which means I slept through most of the daylight hours.

Well, the child in me justifies it by saying that I cannot awaken to kiss my gorgeous wife or play with my beautiful daughter so why should I wake up if I don't need to get to work? And so continues my 12 to 16 hour marathon naps. I cannot remember my dreams but I think they are pleasant because I wake up in a reasonable mood.

I'm thinking about moving to Suwon. Not so that I can land me a new job or anything but because the immigration office in Suwon appears to be much more reasonable, they have more English speakers and they don't make up their rules as they go along.

Rumor has it that a past colleague of mine went to Daejeon immigration to try and add an additional workplace to his Alien Resident Card (ARC) and they said "piss off". Also, another rumour is kicking about that Daejeon immigration refused to extend an E2 Visa carrier's stay in Korea by a month whereas the Suwon office had absolutely no problem with it.

I'm not a fan of rumour as I do know from experience that if I cannot vouch for the facts then more often than not they are questionable. On the other hand, I just cannot experience everything and so I must trust rumour, or die.

I cannot complain about my new job yet but that's probably just because I haven't started working. I've only just started getting paid. I start with an orientation tomorrow morning which, quite auspiciously includes lunch and a social gathering type of quality to it.

Bad news, Rosi is in gmail chat and she's telling me that Charlize got her finger shut in the bathroom door! Looks like just a little bit of bleeding and lots of wailing. Phew! She is much more mobile than she used to be because I bought her a walker in January.

I figured it would be better, so she can develop her leg muscles in an upright position and since the floor of the apartment in the Philippines is concrete and dirty, Rosi and the nanny never let her crawl about on her own.

Still smoking sadly. I cannot say much about my impulse control. I did quit once for quite a while but only with the aid of a wonderful Buddhist book. Looks like I better start reading it again.

As I was watching "The Million Dollar Baby" last night I realized just how sad I am now that I cannot play with Charlize. There was a baby in the movie that was making funny noises just like Charlize is usually doing and before I new it I was thinking about her and getting all misty eyed.

I sure hope Suwon immigration will be helpful when I go see them next week. I want to get clear answers about how to get Charlize and Rosi over here as soon as possible.

I really don't understand what it is about Korean culture that allows some wiener in the bank or the immigration office to make up his own rules. That just makes it important to take a general survey of offices in Korea before you decide where to do your business.

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